Rigid Click

Winton Rigid Click LVT possesses our unique formula of laminate product.

Given the rigid texture of traditional LVT. It performs outstanding stability in heavy commercial area.

Noise reduction with IXPE technology.

Easy installation, as simple as a click!

Data Specification

Characteristic Test Method Specification
Appearance(standard master sample) Visual The surface to be free of defects
Length Tolerance ISO 24341 Deviation < 0,15 % of nominal length
Width Tolerance ISO 24341 Deviation < 0,15 % of nominal length
Total thickness ISO 24346 Nominal +0.13/-0.10mm
Squareness and straightness ISO 24342 ≤0.2mm
Residual Indentation EN433 ≤ 0.10 mm
Flexibility   Test using a 100 mm mandrel. For products
which show signs of cracking,100 mm
Dimensional Stability -- MD/AMD ISO 23999 ≤ 0.2%
Colorfastness ISO105-B02 ≥ 6/Δ E≤8
Gap of Jiont   Ave:≤0.15mm
Castor test En 425 ≥25000
After exposure to heat
ISO 23999 ≤2mm
Slip Resistance DIN 51130 ≥ R9
Bottom layer
Coefficient of friction
ASTM D 1894-14 < 1.2 DRY
Fire Resistance ISO9239-1(5)
ISO11925-2 (8)
Bfl.S1 PASS(≥8.0kW/m²)
(Fs≤150mm within 20s)
Heavy metals free En71-part 3 Pb, Hg,Cr,As, Sb,Ba,Se,Cd free

WRC-Installation Notes

  • 1227mm*187mm
  • 914.4mm*152.4mm