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About Winton

Established in 1972, Winton started as a small family business and grown to become a world renowned flooring manufacturer in Taiwan.It remains to be owned by the Shen family until today.

In the past few decades, Winton exported over 30 countries worldwide. Domestically, We are also the market leading brand in Taiwan for many years.


In 2013, Winton acquired Imago's operation, which was originally called Willies.It was the first factory in Vinyl flooring industry, and was recognized as one of the top factory in flooring industry before millenium.
Through many years of transformation with Imago, we optimized and developed facilities to meet up industry standard today.
In 2015, Winton and Imago officially consolidated and became Winton's second factory(Xin Hua Plant).


Winton is always striving for excellence and innovation.
We are dedicated to exceeding client's expectation, providing floor solutions with our deep rooted manufacture experience.
We are commited to our quality, and constantly seeking new developments to stay competitive in this industry.
We believe our values serve well with our customers, therefore we benefit comprehensively in long term business.

Our Values

Customer Focus: Customers are like partners in life. We orient ourselves based on our customer’s need on a regular basis through management in manufacturing quality and timeliness, while layered by our traditional values of building bonds and relationships. Conscientiousness: The work ethics and conscientious spirit are deeply engrained in our culture and reinforced by the pioneer generation in the company that set expectations and the core values for our new team members.

Quality Control: Our commitment towards quality manufacturing is inherent in our culture company-wide; from a dedication across departments for quality control, to an introspective engagement for continuous improvement at an individual level.

Continuous Innovation: We welcome new idea and are inspired by trends at all facets of the industry. Continuous innovation drives us forward and implemented in our culture. Despite the challenges one faced during development, our team continues to overcome difficulties.

Sustainability: Through innovation and dedication to manufacturing from recycled materials, we are committed to continuously reduce our impact and footprint on the environment, and uphold our reputation as a green and environmentally sustainable business.

Development & Investment

As trend and time changes rapidly, we evolve with our customers and consumers with in-depth evaluation and consideration. Our root is in Taiwan, we have a great grasp and proximate control over our R&D program, providing well-rounded support to each other. We embrace new idea and participation from different industries, thus putting us at the forefront of flooring industry.

We are confident in further growth and increased manufacturing capacity through investment in machinery and manufacturing processes. At Winton, we are committed to meeting growing demands in residential, commercial and institutional segments of our market place.

CE Marking
We appreciate your continuous support and we believe our efforts will continue to floor worldwide.